NY and SD Clinic Updates: CourseKEY Instructions, Nexus Updates, and Notes on Professional Boundaries

As we begin a new term infused with new systems and technology, we would like to thank you for your grace and patience throughout our digital transformation journey.


Clinic Attendance Via CourseKey

Starting May 6th, clinic attendance will be managed through CourseKey. Please click on the link for instructions on downloading the CourseKey app and how to properly sign in and sign out for each shift. Attendance for clinic sessions utilizes GPS technology, marking attendance only when students check in within the location of the clinical site, including offsites. With this app, students will have a total grace period of 10 minutes per shift to be late and must remain on shift until the shift time is over.

We will continue documenting herbs and patient counts on the clinic paper attendance form.

It is critical that you review the instructions prior to the term start to ensure a smooth transition. Please take a few minutes to review the instructions that detail how to work within CourseKey: How to Use CourseKey for Clinic Courses – GPS – Pacific College of Health and Science


NexusClinical EHR

Herbal Dispensary Update- We are actively working with NexusClinical to implement e-Prescriptions directly from the patient chart. The workflow for this process will require approval from a Clinical Supervisor before the prescription is transmitted to the herb room computer for fulfillment. Additionally, within the herb room, Nexus will prompt once again for a checking Clinical Supervisor approval before the herbs are dispensed. Nexus estimates the launch of the e-Prescription feature to occur at the beginning of June.

New York Clinic Clinic Interns– As we prepare to launch NexusClinical in June, I want to reassure everyone that it’s normal to expect a learning curve during this transition. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during this time. The EHR portion will be rolled out during the first week of June for Clinic Supervisors and students, while the patient management system will launch on May 6th for the clinic front desk staff. Please stay alert for upcoming emails regarding live EHR training sessions.

Here are some links to previously created EHR training videos and cheatsheets:


Professional Boundaries:

Please remember the importance of seeking explicit permission before touching patients or practicing on each other, including activities like pulse-taking and palpation. Although patients may come to the clinic implying consent by their presence, it’s essential to always obtain explicit permission.


Additional notes:

  • Respect patient privacy by leaving the room during undressing.
  • Clearly communicate procedures to patients.
  • Ensure appropriate draping for patient comfort and modesty.
  • Refrain from sharing personal contact information with patients; all communication should go through the clinic.
  • If anyone’s behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, promptly inform your clinic supervisor. You are encouraged to escalate any concerns to the Director of Clinical Services at your campus or to Dr. Ritchie, VP of Clinical Education and Operations, at [email protected] .


Start of Term Clinic Orientation

Students must complete the updated clinic orientation by the end of week 2. The updated clinic orientation will be uploaded by May 6th and can be found here when you scroll down: https://clinicclasses.pacificcollege.edu/gci/