Comp review courses are available!

To register for these courses, please submit a course add/ drop from.  The form requires the correct course code. -course code and section number. 

All forms are found in the Student Hub.  (See picture below)

The courses are: OM540.51 – 1st year review

OM542.51 – 1stYear Herbal review

OM600.51 – 2nd year review

OM601.51 – 2nd year herbal review

  • Courses meet online.
  • You do not need to attend the scheduled event.
  • You can listen to the lecture any time for as many times as you need during the term you are registered.

The courses are displayed in your non-matric program line. There is a $100 fee charged for these courses. When your registration request is processed you will receive confirmation to your college email account.   Please monitor your college email for confirmation.

The DEADLINE to register for the review courses is Monday May 13th (the 8th day of the term which is the final day for Add/Drop).