Deadline to OPT IN for CTA UPASS is Monday May 13th!

Existing and New Students

All students who are enrolled in 6 units or more are now eligible for the UPASS and can now OPT In before the end of the drop/add date (Monday May 13th) by completing this short UPASS OPT IN FORM that takes 30 seconds to complete, and you will be charged for a CTA UPASS for the Spring 2024 term. The UPASS costs $135 and provides unlimited rides on the CTA buses and trains during the fall term from Monday, May 6 to Saturday August 18, 2024.

New Students to UPASS

Please also note that if you are a new student or this term will be the first term you are receiving a UPASS, you must submit a photo of yourself using this UPASS Photo Submission form in order for a CTA UPASS to be issued to you.  Please submit your photo prior to the start of the term.  We cannot request and issue your UPASS until we have that photo.

For questions, please see the FAQ section below.  If you still have questions, please email Koraima, at [email protected]


I am taking less than 6 units.  Do I need to do anything?

No, students enrolled in fewer than 6 units are not eligible for the UPASS and will not be enrolled.

How does the UPASS work?

The UPASS is a pass for unlimited rides CTA trains and buses that is valid for the entire 15 week term (note that PACE buses are not included). Please go to the CTA UPASS website to learn more about the UPASS.

Is the UPASS a good deal?

The pass cost $135 for the term.  If you plan to take the CTA 2x per week round trip or more, then the UPASS will save you money.  For some, it also ensures you have a reliable means in which to get to school throughout the entire term.  Students should review their situation to determine if the UPASS is right for them.

If I get the UPASS, how am I charged for it?

Students who elect to receive the UPASS at the start of the term prior to day 8 of the term will have the $135 fee added to their tuition and it will be included in your tuition invoice.

If I Opt In, can I change my mind and Opt out later?

Yes, but only if you opt out before the end of add/drop period and email Koraima at [email protected] to request to opt out.

If I Opt Out, can I Opt back in later?

Yes, but only if you opt in before the end of add/drop period using the Opt In Form.