Tracking your progress in Blackboard

In the world of online learning, keeping tabs on your progress is essential for achieving academic success. Blackboard offers multiple options to help you monitor your performance, stay organized, and take control of your learning experience.

Progress Tracking

If your instructor has enabled progress tracking, you will see it in the Details & Actions section in the Course Content tab.

Step 1

First, choose the module you wish to complete.

Notice how the progress tracker says “Not started” since we have not opened any assessments yet.


Step 2

Next, choose the item you want to complete to mark it as started.

After you open an item, you will see the half-full circle logo () and now can mark the item as complete.

Items that require a submission will not be marked as complete until the submission is made. If the assessment has multiple attempts, the half-full circle logo will appear after every attempt is started.

Step 3

Once an item is marked as completed or a submission is made, a checkmark logo () will appear on that item.


Progress Bar

The progress tracker below the module description shows how many courses you have both started (black bar) and completed (blue bar).

If you feel like you need to re-visit an item later, you can mark it started again.

The module will show as Completed after every item in the module is completed.