New NY Outreach Clinic Make Up Opportunities Feb/March including Dept of Mental Health

NY Outreach Clinic Make Up Opportunities and some still open

Integrative Healthcare Symposium, Feb 16 & 17 Midtown

NADA protocol and assistant/greeters

Have openings for shifts Friday 11:45 and Saturday 9 am or 12:30 pm


3/7/24, 12:30-4:30

NY Dept of Mental Health and Hygiene, Washington Heights

NADA for staff


3/11, 9am-12:45pm

Sol Goldman 14th St. First Avenue YMCA

Masters students doing NADA protocol

Must be in or have completed Auricular Acupuncture or can take 1 greeter/assistant


If interested, contact [email protected] with phone contact and level in the clinic.