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    Kisi - Door System - Info Help

    Help page with the information needed to access our campus

    To sign in to the Kisi app please click the link below using your mobile device.

    Please go here: Pacific College of Health and Science (domain: pacificcollegeedu)

    Signing in from the Kisi app

    1. Open the Kisi app and choose SSO/Organization User.
    2. Enter pacificcollegeedu 

    3. Click Sign In
    4. Enter your Pacific College email credentials.


    Getting started with Kisi on mobile



    If you are seeing a Bluetooth error, please see Kisi app says Bluetooth is Off when it’s On.

    Unlocking Door with Kisi

    Reach out directly to your Kisi Admin to get access to your space. If you do not know who your Kisi Admin is, please contact Kisi Support with the name of your company or residential building and we will look it up for you.

    iOS and Android Devices

    When you open the app, you should see a list of places you have been shared access. Select the desired place and the doors you have access to will appear with blue lock icons next to them. Press the blue lock icon and it will unlock the door.

    Using Kisi with the Readers

    For offices with Readers, you have the additional option to open your doors by tapping your phone on the Kisi Reader. You may need to adjust some settings on your phone to enable this feature.

    For Android devices:

    Please be aware that some Android phones NFC modules can work in several modes. The Kisi App only supports HCE mode.

    • Enable NFC
    • Enable location services
    • The phone screen is unlocked (some newer models do not need to be unlocked or the screen doesn't even have to be active)

    For iOS devices:

    • Must be on iOS version 12.0 or later
    • Enable Bluetooth in the Kisi app
    • Enable Bluetooth sharing in iPhone settings under the Kisi app
    • Enable location services to Always

    Once those settings are confirmed, simply tap your phone to the reader and you will unlock the door!

    Kisi Cards

    If you are not using a smartphone and have been issued a Kisi card by your place admin, you will need to activate your card before you can use it. To activate your card, please follow these steps.

    Once your card is activated, you then need to hold the card up to the Kisi Reader Pro.  When the reader flashes green, the door is unlocked!


    Activate a card

    To activate a card:

    1. The member can activate the card by simply clicking Activate in the email notification he/she is sent when the admin issues the card.
    2. The member can log in to his/her profile, then select Cards from the dashboard. Then click the three little dots to the right of the card token assigned to them and select Activate.


    3. The member can activate the card by logging into his/her mobile app and selecting the Settings wheel, then selecting Cards. From there, the member will see the card that has been assigned to him/her.  In the top right corner of the card, the member will see a Settings wheel.  Tap the wheel and it will ask to Activate the card.



    Re-sending the confirmation e-mail



    Confirmation email links are valid for 1 week

    After signing up to Kisi you should receive an email to confirm your account before you are able to use it. If you do not receive it, please try the following:

    1. Make sure that you check your spam folder as well as your inbox.

    2. If you still do not find it, navigate to the Kisi sign-in page and choose "Didn't get the confirmation email" and enter your email address (alternatively, you can open this link).kisi-confirmation-email.pngkisi-request-confirmation-email.png

    Kisi app says Bluetooth is Off when it’s On

    If you are encountering a banner "Bluetooth is Off - Turn it on to allow unlocking by tapping the phone against Kisi reader", this might mean that the Kisi App does not have permission to use Bluetooth on your phone (not necessarily that Bluetooth on your phone is turned off).


    iOS devices

    As a first step, please make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled. You can check this from the Control Center or by going to your iPhone Settings > Bluetooth.



    You can then verify your Bluetooth permissions by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and following the steps below:

    1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings
    2. Scroll down until you see the Kisi app and open it
    3. Ensure that Bluetooth is toggled On



    1. Go back to the Settings homepage
    2. Click on Privacy
    3. Select Bluetooth
    4. Make sure that the toggle in On for the Kisi app


    We also recommend following the steps in the Introduction section to ensure each permission is granted (Notifications, Location, Bluetooth). Each button should say Permission Already Granted if done correctly. To find the Introduction section:

    1. Open the Kisi iOS app
    2. Navigate to the places dashboard
    3. At the top, click the cogwheel (on the top right corner)
    4. Click on Introduction



    If you encountered any problems during this process, contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them by Clicking Here

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