Program Change Request Form

Program Change Request Form

  1. Instructions

    We understand that your academic journey may evolve, and you might find the need to adjust your educational path. The Program Change Request Form is designed to assist you in requesting a change to your current academic program.

    Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to discuss the potential impact of the proposed change on their academic progress, graduation timeline, and any other relevant considerations. Completing this form does not guarantee approval, and all requests are subject to review based on academic criteria, program availability, and other relevant factors.

    IMPORTANT: MSAc and MSTOM students who wish to transfer to DAc or DACM must do so prior to completing more than 50% of the required units of the program.

    Once an MSAc or MSTOM student passes the 50% mark, they must complete their current MSAc or MSTOM program first, and then apply to enter the Transitional Doctorate Program to earn their DAc or DACM.

  2. Student Information

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  3. Program Information

    Please enter the information for the program you would like to add or change to.

  4. Acknowledgments

    I understand that I have submitted a request for a program change or addition to PCHS. I understand that this request is subject to review and approval by the appropriate academic authorities.

    By submitting this form, I confirm that:

    • The information provided in this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.
    • I understand that the program change is subject to approval based on academic criteria, program availability, and any other relevant considerations.
    • I am aware that any changes to my program may impact my academic progress, graduation timeline, and financial aid eligibility.
    • I will adhere to all policies and procedures related to program changes and additions as outlined by PCHS.
    • I understand that this acknowledgment does not guarantee the approval of my program change or addition.
    • I understand that some programs at PCHS need to go through the admissions department to change or add a new program.

    I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to regularly check my college email and student portal for updates on the status of my request.

    Please check the box to confirm: