Spring 2024 – Registration Information (New York)

Dear New York Students,

We would like to inform you that online registration for the upcoming term will start on Monday, March 4th, at 11:45 am EST.

Kindly remain attentive to announcements posted in the Student Hub.

*Registration groups have been outlined for your convenience.

Registration is completed via the Student Portal.

The official Spring 2024 Schedule of Courses is readily available on the student portal. Navigate to your Student Portal > Campus Info > Course Schedule > Select Campus and Term > Click “Search.” Courses are subject to change.

For additional access points, refer to the Student Hub under Documents > New York > Scheduling and Registration > Spring 2024

Registration opens to students based on the criteria below:

Classification  March 4th March 5th March 6th March 7th March 8th
MSACCHM / MSTOM 124+ credits  92 – 124 credits  58 – 91 credits  28 – 57 credits  27 and below
MSAC 103+ credits 92 – 103 credits  58 – 91 credits  28 – 57 credits 27 and below
BSN / Cert. in Holistic Nursing Open for all nursing students.
Cert. in Chinese Herbology Open for all students.
Massage Open for all MTH

* Registration begins for everyone at 11:45 am PST
**Credits = credits earned /completed in the degree program

Reminders for Spring 2024

As we approach the Spring 2024 term, please take note of the following reminders:

Add/Drop Form

  • Beginning Spring 2024, the Add/Drop Form will be the designated form for all course and schedule adjustments.
  • Utilize this form for registration assistance in case of student portal issues (time conflicts, audits, non-matriculation, etc.).
  • Locate the Course Add/Drop Form in the Student Hub.

Review your schedule.

If this term is your first time registering for courses, please follow the How Register/Unregister from Courses tutorial guide. In case you make changes to your schedule, please make sure to confirm your Spring 2024 schedule in your student portal in the section “Your Class Schedule”

Clinic Registration Process

Clinic course does not appear on Moodle. Everything clinic-related will be found on this website: https://clinicclasses.pacificcollege.edu/
Please remember that clinic registration is a TWO-STEP process. Only completion of these two steps will secure your place on your clinic shift.

  1. Complete registration for the clinic course, (through your student portal)
  2. Complete your Clinic Shift Placement Form under the “Clinic Shift Registration and Sign-up” tab https://clinicclasses.pacificcollege.edu/

*You will not be able to complete this second step until you have first registered for the clinic course


If you currently have a hold on your account, please contact the office/department responsible for that hold to inquire about the removal process and any necessary steps to resolve the issue. They will be able to guide you through the specific requirements and timeline for the hold’s removal.

Registration Deadline Policy

All registration requests, including audit requests and Comp review classes, must be completed by the Add/Drop deadline on Monday, May 13th, 2024, at 08:59 pm PST. If you fail to register for courses before the deadline a $50 course add fee will be applied.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It is highly suggested that students use a desktop to register for courses.
  • Make sure that you select the correct program enrollment line.
  • Preparatory Course Options program students and Courses in Non-matric status are unable to register via the Student Portal. Please schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor for guidance on how to register for a subsequent term of enrollment.
  • Courses are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Courses in progress do not count toward the total number of earned credits in your degree program.
  • Make sure to select “Register/Drop,” then “Register/Drop,” a second time to complete your registration.
  • Need technical help? Submit a ticket! Use the chat function!
  • Wait listing: Students can add themselves to the waitlist via the student portal, when a seat becomes available you will be added and notified. It is your responsibility to review your schedule for conflicts.
  • Audit registration will begin on Monday, April 1st, 2024. If a course has no seats available, auditing will not be possible.
  • If you need help with advising you can email [email protected] for guidance. 

Stay informed by monitoring your Pacific College email account for updates throughout the registration period. The deadline for adding/dropping courses for the Spring 2024 term is Monday, May 13th, 2024.