New Clinic Offsite: Sanford Stem Cell Research Institute

In collaboration with UCSD, our San Diego clinic students will have the opportunity to work with the Sanford Stem Cell Research Institute.

For the Spring 2024, we will be running this as a P-Shift for Clinical Assistant 1 and Associate Intern 1 on Wednesdays 1:00-5:00pm with Dr. Alejandra Reyes as the clinical faculty.

During this experience, students will actively engage with oncology patients enrolled in research who are undergoing stem cell transplants. The focus will be on students gaining confidence in reading labs and pathology reports, performing screenings, and using evidence-informed decision-making for each treatment protocol.

To sign-up for the shift, interested students will need to go through the normal registration process. All requirements for UCSD will apply.

For any questions about this particular shift, please email me at [email protected] .