Zoom | Watch the Recording


Zoom class recordings are available for two consecutive terms, the term you are enrolled in the course and the term immediately following.


Step 1: Go to Course

Navigate to your course.


Step 2: From Table of Contents

Click General Course Information from the Table of Contents.



Step 3: Zoom Class Meetings

Click Zoom Class Meetings.



Step 4: Cloud Recordings

Click the Cloud Recordings tab.



Step 5: Meeting Link

Click the Meeting link.



Step 6: Play Button

Click the Meeting link.



Step 7: Zoom Password

A password will be copied to your clipboard.



Step 8: Access Recording

After clicking play, a new tab will open.
Paste the password in the field and click the Access Recording button.



To copy the password manually, go back to the previous tab, and click the ‘copy‘ icon.




To copy and paste, you can use keyboard shortcuts:

  • PCCtrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + X for Cut, and Ctrl + V for Paste.
  • Mac⌘ + C for Copy, ⌘ + X for Cut, and ⌘ + V for Paste.