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    How to View paycheck stubs

    March 1st, 2021

    Login to Paychex (

    Click on ‘Dashboard’ if not already there

    Look for tile 'Check Stubs'  The location of this tile may be different than the screenshot.

    From here, you can click 'View Details' if the check you need appears in the preview on the Dashboard.  If you need to find an older check not on the Dashboard, click 'View All' to see a full list of checks you can select to view.

    Clicking 'View Details will take you directly into the Check Details screen.  From here, you can view details under Pay Summary or open a PDF version of your paystub to either be saved or printed.

    Clicking the 'View All' link will take you to a snap shot of the checks paid by year.  From here you can select the year of the check you need and select the check(s) needed.  If you click on the link for the selected paydate, you will be taken to the screen shot shown above.  If you click on the checkmark box next to the date(s) needed, the 'View PDF' button will be available for you to click.  

    Please note, clicking the 'View PDF' button may open your check(s) in a new browser.  Pop-up blockers may prevent these screens from opening.  

    If you encountered any problems during this process, contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them by Clicking Here

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