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Petition for Withdrawal Form

Petition for Withdrawal Form

  1. Instructions

    We recommend meeting with the advising team for guidance, before completing this form.

    A student who petitions to withdraw from the PCHS intends to terminate their enrollment with the institution and will not attend/register for the term(s) indicated. If your petition to withdraw occurs after the official add/drop period, all fees are non-refundable and tuition charges will apply to courses as per the college’s course add/drop refund policy. Please see the catalog for details. Additionally, a student must complete exit loan counseling at PCHS Financial Aid.

  2. Student Information

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  4. Acknowledgements
    • Students who request to withdraw from PCHS will be dropped from all their courses.
    • Withdrawing may result in partial or full tuition and fees liability and/or a reduction or cancellation of your financial aid such as Excelsior, PELL, TAP, Stafford Loans, etc. It is recommended you consult with a Financial Aid officer prior to withdrawing to learn how your enrollment affects your awards.
    • Federal Aid may be adjusted based on the percentage of the semester completed, possibly resulting in a balance being owed to the College. Direct Loan borrowers must complete exit counseling with the Financial Aid Office or online at studentloans.gov.
    • If you have any outstanding balances, a hold will be placed on your account. Holds will prevent you from registering for future classes if you choose to petition to return at a future date.
    • Courses where less than 60% of the course hours have elapsed, will earn a grade of “W” or Withdrawal on their academic record with a prorated tuition charge.
    • Courses where 60% of the course hours have elapsed, will earn a grade of “WF” or Withdrawal Failure on their academic record with no refund of tuition. A grade of “WF” is calculated into the GPA.
    • The Registrar’s Office will process this request within 3 – 5 business days.
    • I have carefully considered this decision and wish to officially withdraw from the program.