Incomplete Grade

Petition for Incomplete Grade Form

  1. Instructions

    Students must have completed 80% of the course and submit a petition for an incomplete grade at least 72 hours before the final class and receive approval by their faculty member and the Student Success Committee (SSC).

    A student receiving an “I” must make up the specified deficiencies and receive a grade by the end of the eighth day of the next term, or the “I” automatically becomes an “F” on the ninth day of the term, and the course must be retaken at normal tuition rates. It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain that the faculty member has delivered the final grade to the Registrar’s Office by the eighth day of the following term.

  2. Student Information

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  3. Incomplete Grade Information

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    Reason for Incomplete Grade

  4. Acknowledgements

    • The incomplete must be realistically completed within 8 days of the next term.
    • The grade of “I” should be used only when the student is passing the course and who needs to complete 20% or less of the course.
    • An “I” will be allowed for missing a final exam only in continued, documented extenuating circumstances that would prevent the completion of a make-up exam within one week of the original exam date.
    • Failure to complete the required for work to change the course I grade, will result in an “F” grade, and could result in a probation status or dismissal from the college. Any change in your academic status may impact your financial aid eligibility.
    • I understand that this petition does not guarantee the approval of the incomplete grade and I am aware that the decision of the incomplete grade petition is at the discretion of the instructor and may be subject to further review by Student Success Committee (SSC).