Financial Credit for Winter 2024 Term

Dear Students,


Happy New Year! Welcome to new students and welcome back to current students! To ensure students are given their approved Financial Credit (FC), please complete the Financial Credit Request Form by January 15th (the last day to add/drop courses) with the course you’re taking this term that receives financial credit. You will receive a response on the approval during the second week of classes. You only need to email the academics department regarding any FC.


This is not to be confused with financial aid. For any questions or inquiries regarding financial aid or loans please contact [email protected].


Please include the course codes and course names form: Financial Credit Request Form


  • BIO101 – Biology
  • HB501 – Intro to Herbs
  • WS521 – Anatomy & Physiology 1


Please be aware that Financial Credit will only be applied for the Winter 2024 term. Financial Credit for past terms will not be awarded. If you miss the deadline for approval, we will not apply the financial credit. Financial Credit and any account adjustments will be applied during the second week of the term after tuition is officially posted. You will receive an approval email during the end of week 2 and/or beginning of week 3 before tuition is due. Once financial credit has been posted to your account you will be informed. If you do not see the adjustment by the time tuition is due, please reach out to me.


To clarify, Financial Credit is only given to students who have previously taken course work that falls out of the college’s 5-year limit for transfer credit window. This means you have taken a course before but must take that course again. For example, you have taken a biology course in your undergraduate program in 2014 and now must take it again in 2020. If you have never received a Transfer Credit Evaluation this will not apply to you.


Feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions only the academic department approves this not the bursar’s department. Thank you and good luck this term!