NY Campus: The clinic will reopen on Monday, July 22nd at 9am. All clinic shifts will be on the 19th floor.

Fall 2024 – Registration Information (New York)

Registration for the Fall 2024 term will commence in Week 9 of our current term, which coincides with the Fourth of July holiday. The Office of the Registrar has updated the registration groups for this term. Students will be able to register based on the following criteria:

* Registration begins for everyone at 11:45 am EST
**Credits = credits earned /completed in the degree program

Reminders for Fall 2024

Everything clinic-related will be found on this website: https://clinicclasses.pacificcollege.edu/

Please remember that clinic registration is a TWO-STEP process. Only completion of these two steps will secure your place on your clinic shift.

  • Step 1: Complete registration for the clinic course, (through your student portal)
  • Step 2: Complete your Clinic Shift Placement Form under the “Clinic Shift Registration and Sign-up” tab https://clinicclasses.pacificcollege.edu/

*You will not be able to complete this second step until you have first registered for the clinic course

If you currently have a hold on your account, please contact the office/department responsible for that hold to inquire about the removal process and any necessary steps to resolve the issue.

They will be able to guide you through the specific requirements and timeline for the hold’s removal.

  • For any issues encountered during registration, please complete and submit an Add/Drop form.
  • If you need to petition to register for a course out of sequence, kindly submit a Course Out Sequence Form.

You can find both forms in the Student Hub

Things to Keep in Mind

Registration Process:

  • Use a desktop for the best registration experience.
  • Courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Courses in progress do not count towards the total number of completed credits for registration.
  • Complete the registration process by clicking “Register/Drop” and then “Register/Drop” again to finalize.


  • Review your registration and schedule on Moodle and in the student portal after completing the process.
  • Ensure all forms, including course code and section number, are fully completed. Incomplete forms will be returned, causing delays.

Wait listing and Auditing:

  • Add yourself to the waitlist through the Student Portal. You will be notified when a seat becomes available. Check for schedule conflicts regularly.
  • Audit and secondary elective registration starts on Monday, August 5th, 2024. Auditing is not possible if no seats are available.

Technical and Advising Support:

Need technical help? Submit a ticket! Use the chat function.

Stay informed by monitoring your Pacific College email account for updates throughout the registration period. The deadline for adding/dropping courses for the Fall 2024 term is Tuesday, September 10th, 2024.