NY Campus: The clinic will reopen on Monday, July 22nd at 9am. All clinic shifts will be on the 19th floor.

Fall 2024 Clinic Registration and Shift Sign-Up Information

Online priority registration will begin Monday, July 1st. You can find the clinic schedule for each campus in the Student Hub > documents > clinic > clinic registration. Please know that schedules may change to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. 

The Fall 2024 term runs from September 2nd to December 14th. We are closed September 2nd for the Labor Day Holiday and November 28th – 30th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  

If you are a graduating intern, please be sure to submit your request during the priority period to have a better chance of getting the shifts you want. Shifts will be assigned working backwards from Senior Intern 9 to Senior Intern 1, based on time received.    


  1. All interns registering for Assistant 1 and Associate Intern 1 must choose a Practitioner (P) shift on the schedule.   
  2. In San Diego, Senior Interns may only sign-up for one Japanese shift per term unless there is no waitlist. Japanese shifts require completion of Japanese Acupuncture I. 
  3. If you are requesting more than 3 clinic shifts for the Fall 2024, please make sure you have approval from the Student Success Committee prior to registration. Please contact your student advisor to forward that request.  
  4. In San Diego, onsite April Intensives are for A2, AI-2, AI-3, and Senior Interns where it will not be your first time as a Senior Intern in the clinic. UCSD p-shifts are available for AI-1.  
  5. Please provide us with as many availabilities as possible. The more limited your availability, the less likely that you will be scheduled for shifts, which may affect your progress in the program. 

Allclinical students must complete the online OSHA training and onlineclinicorientation with quiz prior to the start of the term. 

To sign-up for your clinic level, please follow the Registar’s email regarding registration information. You must register for your clinic level(s) on your Student Portal. (A hand out of clinic codes can be found under resources) 

Once you have successfully registered for your clinic level(s), you choose your clinical shifts on the clinical site. 

Once on the clinical site, click on the “Clinic Shift Sign-Ups” tab.   

On the “Clinic Shift Sign-Ups” page, click required reading and resources, then click on clinic shift add/drop form for your respective campus.  

Fill out the Clinic Shift Add/Drop Request Form in its entirety. If you are enrolled in more than one clinic level, you may fill out one form for all your levels.   

Please note: In order to process your clinic shift request, the clinic shift add/drop request form must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms will be removed from the queue, returned to the student for completion and added to the queue at the end of the line when resubmitted. 

For San Diego students, Rachelle Salonga ([email protected])  will be available via Zoom appointments to provide support to any students needing help.  

Rob Johnson ([email protected]) will be available to support New York students. Sarah Langthorne ([email protected]) will be available to support Chicago students. Please email them directly to schedule a meeting.   

Please make sure to schedule an appointment with your student advisors if you need guidance on your class schedule. Please make sure you understand your financial aid/VA parameters to avoid complication. Remember, if you want to take more than 3 clinic shifts, including Intensives, that must be approved in advance. For questions specifically about clinic registration email: 

For San Diego: [email protected] 

For New York: [email protected] 

For Chicago: [email protected] 

The drop/add form can be found under “Required Reading and Resources” on this page. 

Please fill out the form completely and make sure you are registered for all the clinic levels you are asking for! 

Graduating Interns – be sure to submit your requests by July 6th for the best chance at getting preferred shifts!!!