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    How to install Microsoft Teams

    October 20th, 2021

    Microsoft Teams for PC/ Windows devices is included in the Microsoft Office suite install, if you have downloaded Microsoft Office from the Pacific College Hub then you likely already have Teams on your computer. If you have not downloaded Microsoft Office please click here to do so.

    If you have a MAC device or find that Microsoft Teams is not on your device please follow the steps below to download and install Microsoft Teams.

    Install Microsoft Teams

    Step 1

    Click here to go to the Microsoft Teams download site then scroll down and choose the device you are using

    Step 2

    Run the install that is downloaded. Then login with your Pacific College email (e.g. [email protected]) and the same password you would use for Moodle or the Student Portal

    Step 3

    Once you have logged in you will have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer

    If you encountered any problems during this process, contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them by Clicking Here

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