Coming soon: A new way to track clinic attendance!

Pacific College is pleased to announce that we’re implementing CourseKey to help you track clinic attendance, make ups, and progress.

CourseKey is a mobile application that you’ll now use to check in and out of clinic shifts and view your attendance progress for the term. The application will come at no additional cost to you.

We will start using CourseKey on May 6, 2024. We will reach out closer to April 15, 2024, with information on how to download and use the application.

We’re thrilled to offer this exciting new way to track your progress! Please keep an eye out for more information. If you have any questions:

For New York students, please contact Rob Johnson at [email protected] or Kassandra Sia  at [email protected].

For San Diego students, please contact Dr. Ritchie and Rachelle Salonga at [email protected] .