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    How to add Large Files to Moodle

    March 31st, 2020

    The Pacific College eLearning system links directly with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to allow you to submit assignments to your classes that are saved in the cloud using those services.

    You will first need to create an account with any of the above websites. As a Pacific College Student, you can log in to OneDrive using your school credentials. 

    All three accounts are free with limited storage, however additional storage is available for a fee.

    Note: Neither Dropbox nor Google Drive is affiliated with Pacific College, any account issues with these services should be directed to their own customer support

    Step 1

    Save your assignment to your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive account. Remember to use the most recent version of the file, and name the file so that it is easily identifiable by your instructor. It is recommended to use your last name, unit number, and assignment title. 

    Example: Johnson_Unit5_MeridianMaps.doc

    Note: Google docs are formatted as RTF files by default. It is recommended that when saving these files you select "Save as" and change RTF to DOC

    Step 2

    Click the add  under File Submissions

    Step 3

    In the File Picker window, select either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive from the list on the left.

    Step 4

    Click the login button in the center to log into your account.

    Step 5

    If you want to use OneDrive with your Pacific College Credentials.

    Step 6

    Once you log in, you’ll need to ALLOW for your files to open (this screenshot is an example of using your Google account below).

    Step 7

    After clicking on allow you can now choose which document you’d like to upload

    Step 8

    After choosing the item you like to upload and clicking Select this file.

    Step 8

    Click "Save Changes"

    Step 9

    Once you click changes you will have the option to Edit your submission or submit your assignment for grading.

    Note: If you have multiple files or documents to turn in to complete a single assignment, you will need to compress or zip those files into one prior, which requires a computer and cannot be done through the Dropbox or Google Chrome services. The files would need to be uploaded to the Dropbox or Drive account as a compressed or zipped file.

    Step 10

    Depending on the settings used by the instructor and the assignment due date, you may need to click an additional "Submit Assignment" button to submit the assignment for grading. You may also click the Edit Assignment button up to the due date and make changes to your assignment. Once you submit the assignment for grading, no further edits will be allowed.

    If you encountered any problems during this process, contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them by Clicking Here

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