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    How to access online journals

    In this article, we show how students can access PCOM's online journal library.

    Step 1: (Go to the PCOM website)

    Visit the school website at Once you are on the home page then you would want to select the "resources" tab, located under the the StudentHub and search tabs on the top right corner of the website's page. 

    Step 2: (Access the library tab)

    Under the "resources" tab, there will be a submenu of options: "Library", "Publications" & "Blog" You want to select the "Library" link. Which will take you to the library's page here

    Step 3: (Online resources)     

    From here you can look up general information like catalog searches, student tutorials, and other guides. Most importantly here you will find a cluster of options under a tab of "Online Resources" available for students.  For general purposes, we will click on the "Journals" tab.

    Step 4:(Choose the which Journal database to sign into)

    Once on the journal page, you will see all available online journal databases with a brief description of each of them. Note if you do not see a journal database you need or have any other questions about the content, you can email the Dean of Libraries Patricia Benefiel at [email protected]

    You can enter each Journal database from the title. 


    Step 1: (sign-in, search and enjoy.)

    Lastly, before you can reach the online journals, you would have to log in with your PCOM account (Note: You will not have to place in the full [email protected], to log in.) After that, you will be redirected to the journal resource's home page.




    EBSCO Main Page. 

    That is how you access PCOM's online Journals. If you did not find what you want, or still need help you can place a support ticket here. 

    If you encountered any problems during this process, contact our tech support team for assistance. You can reach them by Clicking Here

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